Zoe is a student at Metropolis Middle School.


Zoe and her school attended a Wayne Enterprises research and development facility. Bored, Zoe decided to sneak off, much to the annoyance of her friend. Delving in to a restricted area, she came across a gang wearing Kryptonian armor and wielding plasma rifles. Bruce Wayne promptly snuck up on her, urging her to return back to her group while he sought the "proper authority". However, they were discovered by the gang. Zoe was able to knock a Kryptonian signal jammer from their hands, but they were relatively unfazed. Taking the Zoe and Bruce hostage, the group moved to an exit. However, they were intercepted by Superman. Initially they attempted to use their plasma rifles, but Bruce was able to activate an alarm, giving Superman an opening to destroy their weapons, subduing them and tying them up for the police. Bruce Wayne offered to take Zoe back to her tour group, pretending that she had been given a private tour.[1]


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