Zeus was the king of the Olympian Gods, worshiped by the Amazons, Ancient Greeks, and Ancient Romans (under the persona of Jupiter). He is the father of numerous children which includes the fearsome God of War, Ares, as well as the heroic Wonder Woman.[1]


Ruling the Gods

Zeus ruled over Mount Olympus and his kin, the Olympian Gods, as the most powerful and eventually fathered Athena, Apollo, Artemis, and Ares, among other godly and demigod children.

Creating the Humans

At some point afterward, Zeus proceeded to create humanity, making them in the Olympians' likeness, imbuing his creation with many virtues.

It was also said that Zeus cruelly punished the Titan Prometheus for enlightening humankind, as Lex Luthor would recall, millennia later. However, the accuracy of said myth is unclear[2].

As Zeus' son Ares started corrupting humanity with violence, Zeus promptly created a new race in response - the Amazons, who were intended to protect humanity from Ares' influence by spreading both love and compassion.

First Invasion of Earth

30,000 years before the modern day Zeus would lead a coalition of Humans, Amazons, Atlanteans, Green Lanterns and even the Gods of Olympus against the armies of the New God Steppenwolf. Zeus himself would lead the charge, even blasting Steppenwolf with his lightning and scattered the Motherboxes before they could warp the Earth beyond recognition. Following this, the forces of Humans, Amazons and Atlanteans divided the three and kept them contained for thousands of years.[3]

War of the Gods

Zeus vs Ares

Zeus vs Ares

Ares, however, still viewed humanity with envious disgust and violently rebelled, killing off the other Olympian Gods for disagreeing with his bloodthirst and extremism. Ultimately Zeus faced his son in combat and was able to defeat him, driving Ares off Olympus, but was mortally wounded in the process. Before Zeus succumbed to his mortal wounds, Zeus fathered Diana (as a contingency weapon that could one day save humanity by defeating Ares) by Hippolyta, and created the protected island paradise Themyscira for the Amazons to live, hidden from the God of War. After all of this, the King of the Gods passed away.


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Zeus is known to have been incredibly powerful, yet equally benevolent and just, as well as divinely wise, since he would create humanity in the Olympian Gods' likeness (imbuing them with many virtues), and when Ares sought to corrupt them, he created the Amazons to protect humanity (imbuing them with the ability to spread love, compassion, and a mutual understanding among all human nations) from him. This demonstrates Zeus' great love for his firstly created race, as well as an extraordinary level of emotional intelligence and wisdom.

Zeus' fearlessness, nobility, and foresight are on display when, despite Ares managing to slay every other god in the War of the Gods, Zeus faced his malevolent son in combat without hesitation and drove him back, in order to buy himself enough time to father Diana and create the protective paradise of Themyscira, so that when Ares returns, humanity will still have a godly savior capable of stopping the fearsome God of War. And indeed, Wonder Woman as a superhero seeks to uphold her late father's virtues and ideology.

If the myth mentioned by Lex Luthor (about Zeus cruelly punishing Prometheus) is true, then Zeus can be said to have a darker side, but given Wonder Woman's reaction of frustration and anger upon hearing the account, it is likely that the myth is actually inaccurate.

Powers and abilities

  • Olympian God physiology: As the King of the Olympian Gods, Zeus was a phenomenally powerful divine being, and the most powerful of all the Olympians. Indeed, Zeus defeated and forced Steppenwolf into retreat millennia ago, and Ares was only able to face Zeus in combat when greatly enhanced by the violence of the War of the Gods, and yet was still ultimately forced into retreat by Zeus, with grievous wounds. Indeed, Lex Luthor used Zeus as one of the several examples used when describing the tremendous might of Superman.
    • Immortality: As a God, Zeus is immortal, and has lived for millennia without visibly aging, with him far predating humanity and the Amazons, having created both of these races. [4].
    • Super strength: Zeus had a tremendous level of physical strength, to the point that he was able to defeat and drive off Steppenwolf during the First Invasion of Earth, and later a violence-enhanced Ares during the War of the Gods.
    • Life creation: Zeus was known to have created both the human and Amazon races (imbuing both with their mindsets and abilities, notably the ability of the Amazons to speak every human language), the latter race in order to bring peace to humanity. Zeus also fathered Wonder Woman specifically as the Godkiller - a contingency weapon to be used to subdue Ares and the latter's warfare manipulation powers.[5].
    • Realm creation: Zeus, right as the War of the Gods drew to a close, created the shielded island of Themyscira, in order to guarantee the Amazons protection from the outside world and from Ares.
    • Divine electrokinesis:

      Zeus wounds Ares.

      Zeus, as the God of Thunder, was able to generate and control divine electricity to an extreme degree. Indeed, it was primarily Zeus' lightning that forced Steppenwolf into retreat, and (as seen in a War of the Gods vision) Zeus grievously wounded Ares with a tremendous lighting blast to the torso, forcing the wounded God of War to retreat off Olympus.
    • Invulnerability: Zeus was immune to death by normal superficial means. However, he could be slain by other gods, given as how Ares was able to kill him.[6].
    • Flight: Zeus, as seen in Ares' War of the Gods illusion, could seemingly fly, with his final battle with Ares occurring as both gods were suspended in the air on Olympus.
    • Omnilingualism: Zeus has the ability to fluently speak, read, and understand all human languages, even currently dead ones.

  • Genius-level intellect: Zeus was extremely intelligent and divinely wise, given his tremendously long godly lifespan. Indeed, he had an unparalleled level of emotional intelligence and wisdom, demonstrated by Zeus' ability to imbue many virtues into both his human and Amazons creations.[1] Zeus was also quite foresightful, given that prior to succumbing to his mortal wounds, he ensured that the Amazons would survive Ares' return (by creating the protected Themyscira) and that humanity would have another godly savior powerful enough to defeat Ares and protect them (by fathering Diana). His intellect also extends to his exceptional leadership skills.
    • Expert leader: Zeus, having been King of Olympus, and the Olympian Gods for many centuries, was an extremely skilled and capable leader.
  • Master combatant: Zeus was a phenomenally skilled and formidable combatant, as in the War of the Gods, he defeated Ares in their duel, grievously wounding and driving the God of War back off of Olympus, though Ares managed to mortally wound Zeus in the process as well.[1] Prior to this, Zeus was an active participant to the forces staving off the New Gods invasion alongside his Amazons and Humans, as well as the Atlanteans and an unidentified Green Lantern.

Zeus, when fighting other deities (such as his son Ares) or New Gods (such as Steppenwolf), was more , as they are powerful enough to injure and even kill Zeus, notably when Ares (after getting sufficiently empowered by the violence of the War of the Gods) was ultimately able to slay him.[1]

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  • DCEU Zeus has several differences from his original Greek mythology counterpart - the original Zeus had not been the one to create humanity (Prometheus doing so instead), and the original Zeus had been far more narcissistic and cruel, in addition to being less wise, loving, and foresightful.
  • DCEU Zeus life and role with humanity are quite similar to the role of the biblical God for multiple reasons:
    • Zeus and God both created humanity, bestowed them with many virtues, and greatly loved them.
    • Zeus and God both defeated a former ally - and child - turned archnemesis (Ares and Lucifer), casting him out of the divine realm (Olympus and Heaven) for his rebellion and for envy of humanity.
    • When the ancient Greek Stoics referred to Zeus, they referred to him as the timeless, unmoved Prime Mover beyond space and time (the general complex concept of God) that Aristotle and Plato spoke of - who the Romans called Jupiter (or sometimes Deus) - rather than a robed, grey-bearded man as commonly depicted.
  • Jupiter, the fifth and largest planet of the Solar System, is named after Zeus' Roman name.
  • Thursday (Iovis Dies in Latin), in most Romance languages, is named after Zeus' Roman name as well.
  • In the DC Comics, the 'Z' from 'SHAZAM' is used to signify Zeus.


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