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The title of this article is conjectural as this subject has no known canonical name in the DCEU.

The Wonder Woman Armor is an ensemble of incredibly durable Amazon armor worn by Wonder Woman during battle. The outfit consists of an armored crimson breastplate and a dark blue leather skirt, lined with gold. These are accessorized by knee-length metal boots, a harness, unbreakable Bracelets of Submission and a tiara.


Diana first donned the armor right before leaving Themyscira with Steve Trevor, in order to be equipped for World War I and a duel with Ares.

As Superman and Batman began fighting Doomsday, Wonder Woman intervened in her armor, fighting off the monster with the help of her allies, before Superman took a final blow, killing the creature.[1]


  • The armor itself appeared bright red and blue during WW1. After 100 years, however, the colors have faded.


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