• SonnyCrockett84

    Do you guys think that Martian Manhunter will appear in the DCCU? Seems like Cyborg will take his place in the Justice League similar to the New52 comics. I really hope he appears and is portrayed similar to the Justice League Cartoon. A solo movie would be a bit of a hard sell, but it could work, he has a pretty great origin, and it could be a big cgi spectacle similar to Avatar.

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  • SonnyCrockett84

    Batman, Alfred, Joker, Harley, Deadshot, Killer Croc, all already cast

    Catwoman - Emily Blunt or Carla Gugino or Evangeline Lily

    Hush- Jim Caviezel or Eric Bana

    Two Face - Matt Damon

    The Riddler - Michael Emerson or Simon Baker

    Poison Ivy - Jessica Chastain

    Talia al ghul - Morena Baccarin

    Penguin - Timothy Spall

    Zsasz - Jaime Doran

    Mr Freeze - Patrick Stewart or James Purefoy

    Black Mask - Dominic West

    Ventriloquist - Tobin Bell

    Scarecrow - John Nobel or Ben Foster

    Hugo Strange - Jared Harris or Mads Mikkelsen

    Firefly - Casey Afleck

    Mad Hatter - Martin Short

    Clayface - Ray Liotta

    Calendar Man - Toby Jones or Peter Dinklage

    Professor Pyg - Zachary Quinto

    Ra's Al Ghul - Oded Fehr

    Killer Moth - Charlie Day

    Man Bat - Mackenzie Crook

    Bane - Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson (…

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