I don't know if this has been brought up before, but might as well...

Noticed how there are 2 DCCU Wiki: the one we are on right now, and the [w:c:dccinematicuniverse|DC Cinematic Universe Wiki]] - a similar, but different Wiki. Now I didn't go as far as look at all edits made, but I did compare the first edits made on each Wiki. And looking at both Wikis...

To the main point, there are 2 questions that inevitably need to be answered. First, should we combine these Wikis? And secondly, which Wiki should be the main one (in respect, the other should be reduced to a redirect)? On one hand, in my personal opinion, despite being a newer Wiki, it's got it made; particularly because of having Affiliates. However, the other and older Wiki is sort of set up better with (again, my opinion) a better Wiki-wordmark and background, among other setups. These are just on top of my head and I'm sure there are more differences.

Are any other users wondering the same thing as I am? Should we combine the two Wikis in some manner? If you all believe so, please comment below!

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