aka Douglas Chen

  • I live in Cape Carmine
  • My occupation is Technician in GCG Hospital
  • I am male
  • Douglaschan1994

    Many Scene was pay tribute to past movies

    • Fall to batcave(Batman Forever)
    • Giant Bat Deleted Scene(Batman Forever)
    • Graple gun Claw(Joel Schumacher)
    • Fall of Superman(Superman Return)
    • Son of Superman(Superman Return)

    that was alittle bit tricky,bath scene means that superman have normal sex. He may have a son in the future. This scene also made a contrast with bruce wayne that he bath alone:D

    • Lex Luthor use alien Technology(Superman Return)
    • Lex use henchwoman without any mercy(Superman Return)
    • Lex to Superman,Joker to James Gordon.(Killing joke)
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  • Douglaschan1994
    • Both once a fisherman,and walk on water
    • Villain Probe in high

    Lex Probe in Tower
    Devil Probe in mountain

    • Lance Stabed
    • Died once get alive
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