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  • DeTurbanator

    I'm a bit confused with this, if we italicize the movie, the books, and the TV shows, why not do the same with the comics? If so, I would volunteer to take care to go over all related articles to fix this.

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  • DeTurbanator

    Spoilers for the uninformed,

    During Batman's nightmare, he dreams of a possible apocalyptic future (or alternative universe) where Lois Lane is believed to be killed, and Superman becomes a violent and tyrannical ruler and creates a stormtrooper army to enforce order and weed out dissent. Batman, in his desert garb, meets with his fellow soldiers to retrieve more kryptonite to kill Superman. However, he is deceived and the Supermen army along with Parademons (minions of supervillain Darkseid) take Batman and his fellow soldiers as prisoners of war. He is later chained up when Superman arrives and his stormtroopers bow to him. Superman uses his laser beams to kill the other two soldiers and pulls off Batman's mask. He says that "she" was his…

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