The United States of America (or the USA) is a large country in North America. It is among the wealthiest and most powerful countries in the world reaching the apex of its power in the mid 20th century. Canada borders the nation's north, and Mexico it's south.


Early European settlers founded the cities of Gotham City and Metropolis in 1635 and 1661 respectively. In the 19th century the country expanded westward and cities like Central City and Midway City were founded.

The United States suffered two massive attacks from the Kryptonian forces of General Zod. First the town of Smallville was devastated by a three way fight between General Zod's forces, Superman and the US military. Zod's troops were beaten back and Superman earned the trust of the Americans there. Later the city of Metropolis was destroyed in General Zod's attempt to terraform the planet and the ensuing one on one fight between himself and Superman afterwards.

Another threat would come to the US in the form of the seemingly unkillable abomination, Doomsday. Created by Lex Luthor, the bloodthirsty beast was created for killing Superman, but it's continued existence threatened humanity. A Trinity of heroes came together to stop the beast, Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. The battle was ferocious but with Doomsday's adaptive evolution, stopping the beast conventionally seemed impossible. Batman and Wonder Woman contained the beast long enough for Superman to selflessly sacrifice himself. The beast was killed with a Kryptonite spear, but Superman also died at Doomsday's hand.

Superman's sacrifice would inspire the people of the world, (including the US) to do better. Superman was mourned as a hero to the people of Earth, even getting a military-styled funeral. His death would also change the course of history forever, as Batman was able to change his outlook on the world and saw Clark as a "beacon to the world"; Wonder Woman started to believe in the goodness of humanity again; Flash began to more openly use his speedster powers; Amanda Waller conjured up a persuasive sales pitch for her Suicide Squad; and the Justice League team of superheroes was finally founded to honor Superman and combat the alien threat of Steppenwolf.

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