The Trident of Poseidon is the weapon formerly wielded by the Olympian God Poseidon until the War of the Gods, eventually becoming the weapons of choice for Aquaman. Likely obtained by the hero after him reaching Atlantis, the trident is an incredibly powerful weapon.


War of the Gods


The Trident with Poseidon's dead body (upper left) during the War of the Gods

The Olympian God Poseidon wielded it right up until he was slain by Ares in combat during the War of the Gods.

Monitored by Lex Luthor

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.23.02 pm

Aquaman taking out a U.S. under water drone with his trident.

After being discovered in a sunken wreckage by the NSA's UUV drones, Arthur Curry used the trident to destroy them.[1] A second drone recorded the Atlantean quickly fleeing the scene, creating a shockwave of water in his wake as he swam off.

Parademon Invasion

As Aquaman and the League prepared for Steppenwolf aboard the Flying Fox, Batman tossed him his trident before disembarking the vehicle.

Aquaman utilized the trident in his battle against the Parademons, impaling a small squad with it. He later used it to stave off a rushing torrent of water by planting his trident in the floor, using the trident's power to keep the water at bay.

After the battle moved from underground to the surface, Aquaman fully utilized the weapon to dispatch the Apokoliptians' invasion along with the rest of the Justice League, taking out a number of them from afar before retrieving his trident to hijack an airborne Parademon, ascending to further his assault on the flying drones.


  • In the comics, Aquaman's trident has possessed numerous magical capabilities, effectively serving as a magical conduit to produce a variety of effects.
    • As such, in the New 52 comic storyline Throne of Atlantis, it's stated that only Atlantean royalty can hold the trident due to an enchantment placed upon it.
  • There exists two tridents that Aquaman has used in DC Comics, the Trident of Poseidon and the Trident of Neptune.
  • The trident, despite its name, has 5 prongs instead of 3. However, in the War of the Gods flashback sequence, it is portrayed with the traditional three prongs.
  • The trident is approximately 7 feet tall, with Aquaman actor Jason Momoa being slated as 6'4".


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