Tor-An is an infamous Kryptonian war criminal (Kryptonian Civil War) and member of the Sword of Rao, being General Zod's favorite hatchet man, as well as one of the first great enemies of the hero Superman.

Together with General Zod, Tor-An attempted to re-establish Krypton on Earth by bringing about a terraformation apocalypse (in the Black Zero Event), but he was ultimately defeated by Superman and re-imprisoned in the Phantom Zone.


Born on the planet Krypton Tor-An grew to become a fierce soldier in the Kryptonian military. He became a loyal servant of General Zod and under him, helped plot to takeover the planet. When General Zod took action to depose the Kryptonian Law Council, Tor-An was present when they assaulted the Legislation Chamber. Tor-An and other soldiers escorted Jor-El out. However, Jor-El managed to defeat Tor-An and use his firearm to kill two other soldiers before knocking out Tor-An.

Later, Tor-An was arrested alongside General Zod and the rest of his forces for their attempted coup d'état. He was sentenced to the Phantom Zone. After Krypton imploded the shock wave emissions freed him and the other prisoners from the Zone. He the joined General Zod again in his quest to search for other surviving Kryptonians.

After making contact with the humans on planet Earth, Tor-An piloted General Zod and his forces to Smallville in order to acquire the growth Codex. Tor-An piloted his ship, distracting Superman away from General Zod whose visor had broken before returning aboard Zod's flagship. Tor-An then picked up Nam-Ek and Faora from Earth who also had sensory overloads from the planet's atmosphere.

Tor-An was ultimately sucked into a temporary portal to the Phantom Zone in Metropolis, along with Faora, Nam-Ek, Jax-Ur, Car-Vex, Nathan Hardy, and Emil Hamilton.


Genetically engineered into the Kryptonian Warrior Guild as a warrior, Tor-An was known as "a cold-blooded killer without a drop of mercy or compassion in his veins," as he was genetically incapable of feeling empathy towards his enemies[1] As a result, Tor-An was the favorite hatchet man of General Zod, being quick to "get his hands dirty" when the cause required it [2].

Powers and Abilities

  • Kryptonian Physiology: As a Kryptonian, Tor-An's bone structure is almost identical to that of a human. On a planet near a red class M main-sequence star, like his native Krypton with its sun Rao, Tor-An had physical attributes nearly identical to those of humans. However, if he were to travel to a planet near a yellow G-type main-sequence star, like Earth, he would have gained many incredible superpowers, identical to those of Superman, which would have made Tor-An also appear godlike. However, since he was never exposed to the radiation of Earth's sun, Tor-An did not get the chance to gain superpowers before his Phantom Zone re-imprisonment.

  • Expert Combatant: Tor-An, as a member of the Kryptonian Warrior Guild, is a highly skilled combatant (though not on the level of General Zod or Faora), having a penchant for "getting his hands dirty[3]." He was, however, defeated by Jor-El, though it should be noted that the latter had the help of Kelex, who caught Tor-An off-guard by temporarily blinding him with a bright flash.
  • Expert Pilot: Tor-An is a highly skilled pilot, expertly flying a Dropship into Smallville, managing to knock down Superman (with a plasma bolt) and rescue first General Zod, and then Faora and Nam-Ek, after which he swiftly overpowered human military jets, shooting them to bits, much to Colonel Hardy's dismay.

  • Limited Free Will: Tor-An's greatest psychological weakness comes from him having been genetically engineered in a Genesis Chamber (for the Kryptonian Warrior Guild), with thinking boundaries programmed into his engineered DNA. As a result, Tor-An has a poor grasp at free will, is often prone to dogmatic tunnel vision, and is utterly unable to live out any lifestyle other than the one that he was born for. While these thinking boundaries did allow Tor-An to be an extremely formidable warrior (as he genetically lacked empathy toward his enemies[4]) and leader, they also made him unable to diplomatically coexist with humanity (like Superman could), to account for Jor-El's clever method of overpowering him and his other captors with Kelex, or to account for Jor-El's strategy to re-imprison him in the Phantom Zone.

  • Battle Armor: Tor-An, as a Warrior Guild member, was hardly ever seen not wearing a suit of extremely durable and intimidating Kryptonian battle armor.
  • Space Suit: Tor-An wears this protective suit in airless or otherwise dangerous space environments, notably when on the Daxam colonial outpost.
  • Kryptonian Plasma Rifle: Tor-An was wielding a Kryptonian plasma rifle while helping General Zod overthrow the Law Council during the Kryptonian Civil War. It was, however, ultimately confiscated by the Sapphire Guards.
  • Kryptonian Dropship: Tor-An has his own personal Kryptonian dropship, in which he flies down to Smallville while rescuing the weakened General Zod.




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