The Supersuit is the costume of Superman from his native homeworld. It consists of a crimson red cape and boots, a black belt device over a blue tight-fitting skinsuit[1] with the S-shaped chest emblem of the House of El which was the symbol for hope on Krypton. Superman wears the costume primarily in an attempt to conceal his earthly identity.


Superman was given the suit by his father's AI programming inside the Fortress of Solitude. Superman took the suit as a rite of passage and wore it during his training to truly test his abilities in the Arctic. Subsequently, he has worn it when protecting the planet Earth from threats, notably during General Zod's Kryptonian forces' attack on Earth during the Battle of Metropolis, during his brief duel with Batman throughout the Duel at Gotham Port, and his final fight during the Battle against Doomsday. The skinsuit is damaged when Doomsday plunges his arm bone protrusion through Superman's chest, seemingly killing him.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • David S. Goyer stated that Superman's costume is defined in this film to be an undergarment: "All the battle armor goes on top of the suits. But since Superman's a refugee, his outfit doesn't have that gear, and would make him defenseless on his own Kryptonian turf."

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