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Steppenwolf is an ancient and powerful extraterrestrial being, herald and second-in-command to alien warlord Darkseid[2], and deputy leader of a vast army of Parademons.[3]

Biography Edit

Beginnings Edit

Steppenwolf was born many millennia ago on a distant alien planet, eventually becoming warlord Darkseid's herald and second-in-command[2].

As millennia passed, Steppenwolf would proceed to carry out Darkseid's bidding by invading and taking over other worlds. This would eventually tire Steppenwolf, and induce him to desire freedom from under Darkseid, but, being neither foolish nor powerful enough to disobey or challenge Darkseid, Steppenwolf bitterly continues his servitude[4]

First invasion of EarthEdit

25 millennia prior to the War of the Gods, Steppenwolf and his Parademon army attempted to conquer Earth on Darkseid's orders, but they were successfully fought off by the combined efforts of the Amazonians, Atlanteans and humans, thus losing three of the Mother Boxes, and forcing Steppenwolf to retreat. Each of the three factions of the army that helped save the Earth would be given one of them and were forced to hide them.

Communion of EarthEdit

After Lex Luthor accessed the Fortress of Solitude's database, he made contact with Steppenwolf, the latter teaching Lex of three important Mother Boxes on Earth. However, Lex was interrupted, breaking contact.[5] On Darkseid's orders[2], Steppenwolf then began his journey to Earth to search for the Mother Boxes, bringing with him a vast army of Parademons.[3]


Steppenwolf had become old and tired after millennia of invading and taking over other worlds. He seeks to be free of his planet's ruler, Darkseid, but Steppenwolf is not foolish, nor powerful enough to disobey his will or challenge him. He continues to serve Darkseid as his hand and continues to invade other worlds for him, with Darkseid commanding him to invade Earth to retrieve his Mother Boxes[4].

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • New God Physiology: As a New God, Steppenwolf stands at an immense superhuman height, and is incredibly powerful, to the point that it took the combined might of Amazon, Atlantean, and human armies to drive Steppenwolf and his forces off of Earth during his first invasion. The only known beings to at least rival his might are Superman, and Doomsday, while Darkseid is known to surpass him.
    • Longevity: It is unknown whether Steppenwolf is either extremely long lived or immortal and immune to aging all-together - however, Steppenwolf is still alive in the 21st century, despite being over 30 millennia old.

  • Expert Leader: Steppenwolf, due to him being Darkseid's herald and second-in-command, as well as having millennia of experience invading and taking over other worlds, is an extremely skilled leader, able to successfully command a vast Parademon army in both of his attempted First Invasion of Earth, with Steppenwolf's forces only being defeated when Earth amassed Amazon, Atlantean and human armies into a united force powerful enough to send him into retreat.

  • Combined Forces of Powerful Beings: Steppenwolf, while extremely powerful, was ultimately defeated and driven off of Earth 30 millennia ago by the combined might of Amazon, Atlantean, and human armies.

  • Mother Boxes (Formerly): Steppenwolf originally owned 3 alien Mother Boxes, though he would lose them all in his attempt to invade and conquer Earth 30 millennia before his second invasion. They would be given to the Amazon, Atlantean and human factions of the massive army that drove Steppenwolf's first invasion away, with one of the 3 eventually fusing itself to the body of Victor Stone. Steppenwolf returns to Earth with a determination to recover them all.





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