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Smallville is a relatively small, rural farming town in the US state of Kansas.


Smallville was founded by Ezra Small a pioneer American settler in 1862 during the westward expansion of the United States.

Over a centrury later, a spacecraft crashed in Smallville. The ship was found by local farmer Jonathan Kent and his wife Martha. They discovered a baby in the ship and raised him as their own, naming him Clark Kent. Clark grew up in the town and his powers first manifested there. Eventually his parents revealed his alien origins after Clark used his powers to save his classmates on a flooding bus after it drove off a bridge.

Decades later, General Zod and his Kryptonian forces entered in Smallville in search of the growth codex. They confront Martha at her home before Superman arrived to stop them. There he fought Zod, and later Faora and Nam-Ek throughout the town's centre, destroying much of it as a result. With the aid of the US military, Superman defeats the pair who temporarily retreated back into space.

A funeral is held for Clark Kent on the Kent farm near Smallville. At the funeral, Martha gives Lois an envelope with an engagement ring which was to be given to her during Clark's proposal. Heartbroken, she wears the engagement ring as she drops a pile of dirt on Clark's casket.


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  • Zack Snyder revealed Sullivan's Truck & Tractor Repair was a reference from the Smallville (TV series). "Yep, that is from the show, the shop,” Snyder explains. “It’s funny, because with those kind of things I wasn’t trying to homage it too hard, but it’s in the mythology, so you have to give it a little bit of love." [1]


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