For the film of the same name, see Shazam!. For the wizard of the same name, see Shazam (wizard).
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William "Billy" Batson is an orphan chosen by The Wizard the be his champion, granting him the power to defend the innocent as Shazam.



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Powers and Abilities


  • Magical transformation: After being chosen by the The Wizard as his champion, Billy Batson was granted the ability to transform into the avatar of "Shazam" by calling out the avatar's name. As Shazam, he has many abilities and powers beyond the capabilities of humans.
    • Flight: Shazam gains the power of flight and he can fly just like Superman.
    • Super Strength: Shazam
    • Super Speed: Shazam can fly at incredible speeds but he is not as fast as the Flash
    • Durability: Shazam can take damage but can feel pain.
    • Enhanced Stamina: Shazam has a high stamina which makes him never get tired.
    • Electrokinesis: Shazam can summon lighting by yelling "SHAZAM!" and if he dodges it he can use this powerful blast on his opponent or enemy. He can also create and manipulate lighting in different ways.
      • Electro Blast: Shazam can shoot bolts of lightning and even an electrical beam out of his hands.


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Behind the Scenes


  • Shazam's original name was Captain Marvel, but the name was changed to "Shazam" due to the discrepancies with the Marvel Comics' characters of the same name.
    • Due to this change, the superhero team known collectively as the Marvel Family was renamed the Shazam Family.
  • Shazam, or Billy Batson, marks the ongoing trope of orphaned superheroes in DC's long lineup.
  • In the comics, Shazam is the name of the wizard who gave Billy his powers.
  • The name 'Shazam' is an acronym of the ancient gods and historical figures who Billy Batson derives his heroic attributes from when in adult form:
    • Solomon
    • Hercules
    • Atlas
    • Zeus
    • Achilles
    • Mercury