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Shazam is the alias and second identity of William "Billy" Batson. Billy was a boy who was chosen to be a champion of good (the archnemesis of Black Adam) by an ancient wizard. He possesses multiple superpowers which are used to defend the innocent.



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Personality Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Magical Transformation: Billy Batson, after being chosen as the Champion of Good, was granted the ability to transform into the avatar of "Shazam" by calling out the avatar's name. As Shazam, Billy has many new abilities and powers, all of them far beyond the capabilities of humans, and even most other metahumans, with Shazam being rivaled by few others, namely his archnemesis Black Adam, and fellow hero Superman.

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  • Human Vulnerabilities: Billy Batson, when untransformed, is a normal human child with no enhanced strength, speed, durability, or metahuman powers, so he can therefore be damaged or injured like any normal human if he is caught in his human form.
  • Verbal Power Summoning: Billy Batson is required to verbally call on the avatar of "Shazam", meaning if he is gagged or otherwise silenced, he will be unable to transform.
  • Naivety: Shazam, although looking like an adult male, still has the personality of the child Billy Batson, so he therefore tends to be more naive and gullible than other heroes.

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Behind the scenesEdit

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Trivia Edit

  • Shazam's original name was supposed to be "Captain Marvel", but the name was changed to "Shazam" due to the confusions with DC Comics' long-time rival, Marvel Comics (which had 2 characters with the same superhero name).
    • Due to this change, the superhero team known collectively as the Marvel Family was renamed the Shazam Family.
  • Shazam, or Billy Batson, marks the ongoing trope of orphaned superheroes in DC's long lineup.
  • In the comics, Shazam is the name of the wizard who gave Billy his powers.

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