The Olympians, also known as the Old Gods, were a race of nearly immortal, divine beings that wielded phenomenal power, and lived on Mount Olympus. They were once worshiped by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, and later honored by the Amazons. However, most of the Olympians were slayed during the War of the Gods, apart from Ares, until the God of War was eventually slain by the demigoddess Wonder Woman in the very last days of World War I.

Aside from relatively few practicing Hellenic paganism, humans no longer worship them, due to the rise of monotheistic religions, with the majority of humanity incorrectly considering the Olympians to be nothing more than a myth.


Creation of Humanity

Millennia ago, Zeus created humanity in the image of the gods themselves. They lived in peace and happiness on Earth, but Zeus son Ares grew to envy his father's affection of the species, and slowly began to corrupt humanity with imppulses for violence and war, growing more powerful in return. In response to Ares' corruption, Zeus created the Amazons to protect mankind from Ares' influence while spreading love and compassion. However, the Amazons were soon enslaved by humanity, until Hippolyta and Antiope led the Amazons in a revolt against their captors, escaping into solitude with the help of Zeus' creation of Themyscira.

Invasion of Earth

Zeus and Ares fighting Steppenwolf

Zeus and Ares fighting Steppenwolf

At some point the General of Apokolips, Steppenwolf attempted to invade Earth and consume all life from it. This event brought together all tribes of Men, the Amazons and the Atlanteans, who were aided by three of the Olympians Gods: Zeus, Ares and Artemis. Fighting side-by-side they successfully defeat and drive off the New God and his hordes of Parademons.

War of the Gods

The Olympians condemned Ares for his warmongering and misanthropy. Consumed by jealousy and rage, Ares started the War of the Gods, murdering all of the gods except for Zeus, who battled and struck his son down to Earth in a weakened state. In order to protect the world further from Ares, Zeus fathered a daughter with Hippolyta that was imbued with the power of a god, in the hopes that she would be the one to stop Ares should Zeus fail. Furthermore, Zeus created the island paradise of Themyscira for the Amazons, protected by a magical shield that concealed them from Ares and the outside world. This events, however drained all of Zeus powers leading ultimately to his death. Later Ares returned to Earth to propagate his reign of warfare amongst mankind and to wait for the appearance of the Godkiller.

World War I

Ares, begun to grew more powerful thanks to the 1st World War, started by mankind. By influencing certain individuals such as General Ludendorff and Dr.Poison, Ares kept the War ongoing, until Steve Trevor accidentally came across the island of Themyscira, where he met Diana.

Diana blasts Ares with electricity

Wonder Woman delivering the final blow against Ares

Being disguised as Sir Patrick Morgan a member of the British War Council, Ares attempt to lead Diana and her team to where the war was more grim, as a way to show her how corrupted and unworthy mankind really was. As the war reached its end, Ares revealed that the God killer is not a weapon but Diana herself, as Ares pointed out that only a god can slay another god. Ares, after failing to corrupt and bring his Demigoddess sister to his side, decide to destroy her, Diana, driven by her grief and love towards Steve, who had sacrificed himself to save the day, was ultimately able to overpowered the God of War, delivering a final blow that destroyed the last of the Old Gods.


The Old Gods had a significant impact on the early civilizations of Mankind, as they appeared in their calendars and are honored in astronomy, notably in the form of their Roman counterparts. Aside from relatively few practicing Hellenic pagans, humans no longer worship the Olympian Gods, due to the majority of humanity considering the gods to be nothing more than a myth. The Olympians and their memory are nonetheless still consistently worshiped and honored by the Amazons of Themyscira, to the point that some would be named after goddesses in honor.

Some humans, like Lex Luthor, would still dedicate themselves to the study of Greco-Roman myths, and become mythologists. Lex, however, held a very negative view of the Zeus in particular, and correctly deduced that many of the myths were inaccurate and based on the metahumans of old.

The only known descent of the Old Gods is Diana, know now by the world as the heroine, Wonder Woman.


The Old Gods bear an identical outward appearance to that of their human creations due to Humans having been created by Zeus in the Gods' likeness. However, they are much more massive than humans and other species, equal to the stature of a New God like Steppenwolf, as seen during the latter's First Invasion of Earth. Old Gods, like humans, did possess the intuitive, adaptive nature of humanity, as well as the capacity for intellectual, perceptive and creative abilities.

Despite their physical likeness to human beings, the Olympians were otherwise quite different, as they possessed far superior physical attributes, as well as passive immortality, unaffected by the passage of time or illness. Notably, they were capable of wielding tremendously supernatural power, able to summon immensely powerful bolts of energy capable of destroying Apokoliptian battle ships in a single attack. Unless they are slain by another god, Old Gods cannot die by any natural or superficial means.

Known Olympians

  • Zeus † - King of the Gods, God of the Sky, Storms, and Justice.
  • Hera † - Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Marriage, Faith, and Family.
  • Poseidon † - God of the Sea, Earthquakes, Storms, and Horses.
  • Hades † - God of the Underworld, Death, Mysteries, and Riches.
  • Ares † - God of War, Violence, and Bloodlust.
  • Hestia † - Goddess of the Hearth, Home, Family, and Truth.
  • Demeter † - Goddess of Harvest, Seasons, Fertility, and Agriculture.
  • Athena † - Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy.
  • Apollo † - God of Light, Poetry, Archery, and Music.
  • Artemis † - Goddess of the Hunt, Wilderness, and Virginity.
  • Aphrodite † - Goddess of Love and Beauty.
  • Hephaestus † - God of Fire and Crafts.
  • Hermes † - God of Messages, Deception, Thieves, and Travel.
  • Dionysus † - God of Wine, Madness, and Theater.
  • Wonder Woman - Demigoddess and Godkiller.

Behind the scenes

  • While the actual pantheon of the Greek gods is quite extensive, the only members listed are the primary 12 major gods, as well as Hestia and Dionysus.