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The Nightcrawler ("Crawler") is a vehicle used by Batman to access rough terrain that cannot be reached via a car or plane.[1]


The Crawler was originally designed by Thomas Wayne, intended to be applied for military use. Its design was eventually used by his son, Bruce Wayne, in his exploits as the vigilante Batman.[1]

It is a four-threaded tank with each tread on a separate leg so it can walk. It’s special function is that at can pierce into surfaces with each leg to climb up walls or hang from a roof. Its cockpit interior is based on function, like a forklift. It has one command seat and two fold-out benches. [2]

The Nightcrawler also has powerful weaponry for dealing with powerful alien threats, as seen when Batman used the vehicle's powerful Gatling guns to tear through a Parademon's armour and flesh. This addition of such weapons was likely added in order for Batman to stand a chance against the Parademon threat facing the Earth.


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