Steppenwolf arrives to invade Earth

The New Gods are a spacefaring race of humanoid beings that are nearly immortal, wield phenomenal amounts of physical might, and are native to the planet Apokolips. The New Gods all serve under their feared leader, Darkseid.


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Kryptonian Expansion

During their time of Expansion, the Kryptonians would come across the New Gods of Apokolips, though their encounter end with the two becoming enemies.[1]

Invasion of Earth

Thousands of years ago, General Steppenwolf invaded planet Earth in Sector 2814 in an attempt to terraform the planet into an Apokolips-like planet, and would've succeeded if not for the intervention of the Olympians and the Sector's Green Lantern. After suffering a heavy blow from Zeus himself, Steppenwolf was forced into retreat, dragged away from the planet by his Parademons and the Apokoliptian Priests, losing three Mother Boxes in the process. His defeat resulted in his exile from his homeworld of Apokolips.[1]

Characteristic Traits

Much like Olympians, New Gods are beings of tremendous physical might and attributes, and possess extremely advanced technology compared to humans, with various different degrees of application. However unlike Olympians, the New Gods supposedly do not possess supernatural mystical powers.

The New Gods have been shown to be capable of controlling their Parademons minions with absolute authority in a manner akin to mind control, though Steppenwolf seemingly required the use of his Electro Axe to maintain this control.


  • New God Physiology: A New God possess a tremendous powerful physical constitution. Their physical might can alone overpower the combined might of beings like Amazons, Atlanteans, humans and Green Lanterns. So far the only known beings to surpass their physical might are the Olympians King Zeus, a violence enhanced Ares, Darkseid and solar powered Kryptonians.
  • Semi-Immortality: Steppenwolf has remained the same age from the time of the First Invasion to his second invasion of Earth, suggesting that New Gods do not age or do so at an extremely slow pace. It is even unknown if this extended lifespan is the result of their natural physiology or technology.

Known New Gods


  • In DC comics, there are two planets of origin for New Gods; Apokolips, ruled by Darkseid, and New Genesis, ruled by the being known as the Highfather. Both planets are in a parallel universe near the constellation of Orion and can only be accessed through the use of a boom tube. Apokolips and New Genesis are in constant warfare, signifying evil and good respectively.



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