Lyta Zod was a cadet member of the Kryptonian Warrior Guild, a cadet, and the daughter of Primus Alura Zod, while also a love interest for Seg-El[1].


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Powers and Abilities

  • Kryptonian Physiology: As a Kryptonian, Lyta Zod's bone structure is almost identical to that of a human. On a planet near a red class M main-sequence star, like her native Krypton with its sun Rao, Lyta Zod had physical attributes nearly identical to those of humans. However, if she were to travel to a planet near a yellow G-type main-sequence star, like Earth, she would have gained many incredible superpowers, identical to those of Superman, which would have made Lyta Zod also appear godlike.

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Behind the Scenes

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  1. Syfy's Krypton: Meet Superman's Grandpa and Other Key Characters - TVLine

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