The Kryptonian Warrior Guild is one of the five primary guild houses found on the planet Krypton. It was a planetwide military organization, consisting of both ground forces and pilots of aerial combat vehicles. It also provided security personnel across the planet, such the Sapphire Guards.


Sword of Rao storms the Kryptonian council

Krypton's Warrior Guild had existed for countless millennia, since the Kryptonian civilization began to flourish.

Roughly 200 years before Krypton's destruction, the Warrior Guild would be lead by Primus Alura Zod, with her daughter Lyta Zod serving as her cadet, along with Dev-Em[1]. Historically, the family most associated with the Warrior Guild was the House of Zod.

In 1980, believing that the Kryptonian Law Council had led Krypton astray, guild leader General Zod created the Sword of Rao movement, out of warrior class members to supplant the Council and install himself as absolute ruler and restore Krypton's glory. Zod's troops engaged the loyalist Warrior Guilders in an aerial battle across the city of Kandor. After Jor-El escaped Zod's men and stole the growth codex, Zod pursued Jor-El, gifting the Warrior Guild chance to re-group and consolidate their forces. They chased General Zod, surrounding and outnumbering him with Gunships. Almost all of it's remaining forces were destroyed along with the planet.

Some members loyal to General Zod survived and tried to rebuild Krypton. They eventually followed a signal emitted by the Fortress of Solitude to Earth and engaged both Superman and the United States military forces. They were eventually sucked back into the Phantom Zone, shortly before Superman killed General Zod in Metropolis.

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