Foreseeing that his planet was about to explode, Jor-El built a small starship to carry Kal-El to safety, sending him to Earth, located in Sector 2814 of the galaxy, many light years away from Krypton.

Jor-El and Lara with Kal-El

Jor-El and Lara prepare to send Clark off.

Jor-El bonded the genetic information within Krypton's Growth Codex to the cells of Kal-El's body and placed a Command Key into the starship, so that Kal-El might be able to one day meet and converse with his father's Artificial Intelligence. After the ship was launched General Zod was desperate to retrieve the codex and ordered Kal-El's ship to be shot down, but at that moment, the pilot himself was shot by a starship of the Sapphire Guards. This gave just enough time for the Phantom Drive of Kal-El's ship to activate, which the starship disappeared.

Baby Clark Kent

Clark's ship landed in Smallville, Kansas

The starship emerged near to the gas giant planet Saturn, and made its way to Earth, flying right by the Moon in the process. It landed undetected in the rural town of Smallville, Kansas, where it was found by Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent.

Jonathan shows Clark his ship

Jonathan shows Clark his ship.

When Clark was 13, his father decided to divulge to Clark his origins by revealing the Kryptonian ship he and his wife found him in to him from under the floor of the barn, proving Clark is an alien. He hugged Clark and said he will always be his son, but Clark owed it to himself to discover who he really is and the reason he was sent to Earth.

Twenty years later, Zod and his loyalists went to the Kent farm in search of the ship, believing it held the Growth Codex, however Faora-Ul was unable to find it within the craft.

Kal-El's ship phantom drive activates

The Phantom Drive activates.

Jor-El came up with a plan to defeat Zod by colliding the Phantom Drive of Clark’s ship with Black Zero's. This would create an unstable Phantom energy singularity, which would suck all of Zod's forces back into the Phantom Zone. Lois, with the help of Colonel Hardy, got Clark's ship aboard a C-17, and used the craft's engine against the gravity beam, causing it to become unstable and created a singularity that sucked everything inside, including the Black Zero and the plane that Hardy and the ship was on.

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