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Joe Chill was the man who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne near a movie theater, just after they had finished watching The Mark of Zorro with their son Bruce.


Murdering the Waynes

In 1981, Joe Chill would encounter Thomas Wayne and his family in Crime Alley after they left the Aragon Theatre. It is unclear if he was there by chance or if he was intentionally waiting for the Waynes. He brought his pistol to bear and threatened them for their valuables. Thomas tried to protect his wife and son as he attempted to punch Chill but Joe shot him. Martha Wayne tried to wrestle the gun away from Chill, but he managed to shoot her too. Chill quickly made an escape, leaving Bruce Wayne an orphan.[1]





  • In the DC Comics universe, originally Joe Chill was hired to kill Thomas and Martha by Lewis Moxon.

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