James "Jim" Gordon is the commissioner of Gotham City Police Department, the father of Batgirl, as well as a long-time ally of the costumed vigilante Batman.


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Early life

James Gordon would rise through the ranks of the Gotham City Police Department, eventually leading it as its commissioner.

Alliance with Batman

When the vigilante Batman first began his one-man crusade against crime, Commissioner Gordon would promptly form an alliance with him, having a Bat-Signal made to summon Batman.

Meeting the League

James Gordon meeting Justice League

The League have a meeting with James Gordon

"Oh, wow. They just.. They really just vanish, huh? Oh, that's rude."
Flash about the other Leaguers.[src]

The Justice League receives intel from Commissioner James Gordon that the Parademons are traveling underground, Which the team goes to find, the team climb up, to find Steppenwolf interrogating the S.T.A.R. Labs employees about the final Mother Box.

Aftermath of Fighting Steppenwolf

Gordon talking with Batman

Gordon talking with Batman

"Good to see you playing with others again."
―James Gordon to Batman[src]

After the fight with Steppenwolf, After Batman meets with Gordon before Arthur shows up and say that Steppenwolf took the Mother Box from Atlantis, then Victor reveals that he is possession of the final Mother Box, which he hid from his father.


"It's good to see you playing well with others again."
―Commissioner Gordon to Batman[src]

James Gordon is fiercely dedicated to his job as Gotham City Police Department Commissioner, rivaling Batman's determination to fight crime in Gotham City, helping the vigilante in his anti-crime crusade for many years.

While usually quite serious and practical, Gordon also has a somewhat dry sense of humor, remarking that it was good to see Batman "playing well with others again", upon meeting the Justice League's roster.


  • Gifted intelligence: James Gordon is exceptionally intelligent, particularly in the fields of leadership, tactics, criminology, and detective analysis, to the point that Batman and the company respect him, and rely of Gordon as their informant.
    • Expert Detective: Gordon, due to his decades of fighting against crime in Gotham City, is an extremely skilled and experienced detective, even complementing detective genius Batman's skills.
    • Expert Leader: James Gordon, as Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department, is a superbly skilled leader, having lead the corrupt police force in the extremely crime-ridden Gotham City for decades.


As the commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department, James Gordon has access to all of the weaponry the department is equipped with.






  • This is the fourth live-action portrayal of the character, following Pat Hingle, Gary Oldman, and Ben McKenzie, respectively.
    • This is the second live-action version of the character to appear on the silver screen.

Behind the scenes

  • Bryan Cranston was heavily rumored for the role before Simmons was cast.
  • Due to promotional photos displaying Simmons' muscular physique at the time of the filming for Justice League, fans dubbed the character as "Gym Gordon".



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