Jack O'Dwyer was the Wayne Financial director and close friend of Bruce Wayne. He lost his life in the Black Zero Event, when General Zod was unable to control his heat vision, causing the Wayne Financial Building to crash down.


Jack was an employee of Wayne Enterprises in the years before the Black Zero Event, eventually becoming a director for Wayne Financial and gaining the trust and friendship of the company's CEO, Bruce Wayne.

Black Zero Event and death

During the Black Zero Event, General Zod and his followers attempt to recreate Krypton using the Black Zero and a World Engine. The Black Zero was positioned above Metropolis' center, with Wayne Financial blocks away. Jack and a number of employees were in the building when the Black Zero started it's attempt to terraform the Earth. At the same time, Bruce Wayne arrived in Metropolis from Gotham, having seen the potential damage it can cause; taking a vehicle, he called Jack and instructed him to clear the building and the employees. Jack agreed and cleared the building, although he lost connection with Wayne. When Superman and Zod fought, Superman was flung into Wayne Financial, floors below Jack's offices; at that time, Bruce Wayne saw the heat vision from General Zod, unable to control it, the heat vision broke through the building, with Jack in it. In his last words Jack said a prayer and died as the building collapsed. Bruce Wayne watched in horror as he attempts to find Jack, only to find nothing.




  • General Zod † - killer