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The Injustice War[citation needed] was the lengthy conflict that occurred in a possible future, between Superman's Regime, and Batman's Insurgency, due to the latter wishing to overthrow the new tyranny. Superman would ultimately prevail, however, prompting that possible future's version of the Flash to warn a past version of Batman.



At some point in a possible future, either Lois Lane or Martha Kent would be killed, with Batman having been unable to prevent it. Superman, unhinged with grief, becomes dark and malevolent, taking over the Earth as its tyrant ruler, and founding the Regime Stormtroopers to aid him in his totalitarian Regime of Earth, mercilessly killing anybody who opposes him. Batman promptly founded the Insurgency in order to combat this new threat, thus beginning the long Injustice War.

Final Battle

"She was my world and you took her from me!"
―Tyrant Superman to Batman.[src]

Evil Superman arrives.

Batman, in desert clothing, exits a bunker, and watches his Insurgency allies approach. He meets with them and asks for the Kryptonite rock, the only remaining hope of defeating Superman. However, they open the box to reveal only green light bulbs. They apologize to him and hold Batman at gunpoint. He follows through with their commands as the undercover Regime Stormtroopers reveal themselves to Batman and the Insurgents. They

Superman approaches a helpless and restrained Batman.

execute them, as Batman watches helplessly. Angered, he begins a killing spree and guns down multiple stormtroopers, while helping some of his surviving Insurgents escape the area. Although he manages to take down most of the Regime Stormtroopers while Parademons invade the area and abduct many humans there, Batman is eventually overwhelmed by the remaining stormtroopers there who could barely restrain him. He snaps one of their necks, but then is brutally (but barely) beaten by the other stormtroopers. Seeing the damage that Batman was inflicting on the stormtroopers and their inability to restrain him, a Parademon knocks Batman unconscious.

Batman chained up

The final Insurgents, awaiting Superman.

Batman recuperates chained up in the bunker with his few remaining Insurgent allies, eyeing them helplessly. Superman himself then lands in the bunker, and his Regime Stormtroopers reverently kneel before their leader. He approaches Batman, swiftly murdering the other Insurgency members with his heat vision. Superman then unmasks the horrified and visibly scared vigilante. He expresses his anger at Bruce for letting "her" die, as she was "his world". Superman gives Batman one final sinister sneer, and ruthlessly kills him by tearing Batman's heart from his chest, thereby ending the Injustice War.


"Bruce, listen to me now! It's Lois, it's Lois Lane! She's the key! Am I too soon?! Aaaah, I'm too soon! You were right about him! You've always been right about him! Fear him! Find us, Bruce, you have to find us!"
―The Flash to Bruce Wayne[src]

Future Barry in an altered Flash suit.

In order to prevent the war from occurring, Flash of this future resolves to time-travel back into the past using his Cosmic Treadmill and warn Batman of it. However, as he reaches the Batcave, a dismayed Flash realizes that he travelled too far back in time by accident, to a time before Batman had met him or knew who he was. Nonetheless, Flash issued his brief warning of the war, and stressed the importance of Batman finding and founding the Justice League.

Batman, not believing this experience to be a dream, initially uses this as an extra justification and motivation in his quest to take down Superman. However, after Superman's death proves Batman's initial thoughts invalid, he finally heeds future Flash's warning, and requests Wonder Woman's assistance in founding the Justice League.



  • The Injustice War was inspired by the 2013 DC and Netherrealm Studios video game Injustice: Gods Among Us.[citation needed]
    • In the game's alternate timeline, the Joker tricked Superman to kill Lois Lane and their unborn child, resulting in Superman killing the Joker, against Batman's wishes. Superman, full of grief and anger, then became malevolent and established the One-Earth Regime, with him as "High Councilor" and some members of the Justice League (along with "conditioned" criminals) joining his Regime, while others joined Batman's Insurgency against him.
  • There are several differences between this version and the one from the original video game:
    • In the game, the Insurgency had a mole inside the Regime (Lex Luthor, who was never a supervillain in this universe), and later had to call in help from members of the Justice League from another universe.
    • In the game Flash is initially allied with Superman's Regime, later defecting to Batman's Insurgency, when he starts disapproving of Superman's methods, whereas in the film he is implied to have been allied with Batman from the beginning.
    • In the game, the Regime is ultimately defeated and brought down, while in the film the Insurgency is the defeated faction.
    • In the game, High Councilor Superman never forged an alliance with the New Gods or Parademons, and even killing Darkseid's son Kalibak when the latter attacked Earth.