The House of Zod was a noble Kryptonian family that had a long line of warriors serving in the Kryptonian Warrior Guild, most notably Primus Alura Zod, Lyta Zod, and General Zod.


The House of Zod was a family of Kryptonian nobles, often, but not always associated with the Kryptonian Warrior Guild.

Roughly 200 years before Krypton's destruction, the Warrior guild would be lead by Primus Alura Zod, with her daughter Lyta Zod serving on the Guild as well, as a cadet[1].

In 1980, the vast majority of the House of Zod perished with Krypton itself with only General Zod surviving, due to him having been imprisoned in the Phantom Zone at the time. Zod and his now stranded Sword of Rao loyalists would proceed to travel the cosmos for the next 33 years.

In 2013 General Zod, the last surviving member of the House of Zod, died in the ferocious battle against Superman, with Zod forcing the latter's hand in killing him.


Allies Edit


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