The House of El was a noble Kryptonian family that resided in a citadel outside of the megacity of Kandor. The only known surviving member of this family is Kal-El.



The House of El glyph 200 years before Kal-El's birth.

The House of El was a family of Kryptonian nobles, often, but not always associated with the Kryptonian Thinker Guild.

Roughly 200 years before Krypton's destruction, the House of El was ostracized and shamed, thus inducing Seg-El to fight for both the redemption of his family’s honor, as well as the salvation of Krypton itself from impending chaos[1].

In 1980, the vast majority of the House of El perished with Krypton itself with only an infant Kal-El surviving in a shuttle which traveled from Krypton through the Phantom Zone to eventually land on Earth. Immediately adopted by the Kent Family, Kal-El had no knowledge of his his true heritage until 33 years later when he discovered the long lost Kryptonian Scout Ship 0344 once piloted by his ancestor Kara Zor-El over 18,000 years earlier. Utilizing a liquid geo command key left with him at birth, Kal-El met Jor-El's AI aboard the Scout Ship and father and son were reunited (in a way) for the first time in over three decades. Jor-El would guide the now adult Kal-El (soon to be nicknamed "Superman") until General Zod overrode the Fortress of Solitude with his own command key, wiping out the AI of Superman's father. Later on, the command key from the House of El was lost to the Phantom Zone in the Battle of Metropolis seemingly ending any chance Jor-El's AI could be revived.

In 2015 Superman, the last surviving member of the House of El, apparently died in the ferocious battle against Doomsday. Sometime later, a funeral was held for Superman with a larger public ceremony that was held back east. At the same time there was a small funeral for Clark Kent at the Kent Farm. Afterwards, he was to be buried next to his adoptive father Jonathan Kent in a Kansas cemetery.




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