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Hades is the Olympian God of the Dead, Riches, and the Underworld, as well as a brother of Zeus, worshiped by the Ancient Greeks and Romans (though the latter civilization would give him the name Pluto). He would ultimately, however, be slain by his nephew Ares in the War of the Gods, while attempting to help protect humanity from him.


Early Life

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War of the Gods


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Powers and Abilities

  • Olympian God Physiology: As an Olympian God, Hades is a phenomenally powerful divine being, as one of the most powerful Olympian Gods of all, surpassed only by his brother Zeus. Indeed, Ares was only able to face Hades in combat when greatly enhanced by the violence of the War of the Gods.
    • Immortality: Hades, due to his being an Olympian God, has lived for millennia without visibly aging, with his far predating the creation of humanity and the Amazons by his brother Zeus.
    • Super Strength: Hades has an immense level of physical strength.
    • Invulnerability: Hades, as an Olympian God, is immune to death by normal superficial means. However, he can be slain by other gods, given as how Ares was able to kill him in the War of the Gods.
    • Omnilingualism: Hades, as an Olympian God, has the ability to fluently speak, read, and understand all human languages, even currently dead ones.

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  • Beings of Equal Power: Hades, when fighting other Olympian Gods , is more vulnerable, as they are powerful enough to injure and even kill Hades, notably when Ares was ultimately able to slay him in the War of the Gods.

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  • Pluto, a Solar System dwarf planet (formerly considered the ninth planet of said system), is named after Hades' Roman name.

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