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H'Raka (War Kite) was a female Kryptonian flying 4-winged animal, used by Jor-El as a mode of transport on Krypton.

History Edit

Jor-El heads out to Kandor on H'Raka, where he stands in front of the Law Council to convince them to evacuate the planet and give him control of the Growth Codex.

After General Zod and his Sword of Rao loyalists started their coup of Krypton, Jor-El escaped capture for his resisting Zod's plans and H'Raka came to his location, where they flew to the Genesis Chamber atop the Central Hub, where Jor successfully took the Codex. Zod's forces attempted to stop Jor-El, who launched off the side, to escape landing on H'Raka, before flying back to the House of El Citadel, chased by Zod's Attack Ships, but Jor managed to escape underneath two Hammerheads colliding, but H'Raka was wounded, though she still managed to land back home, before collapsing from her wounds.

H'Raka perished with the rest of her planet when Krypton's core imploded shortly thereafter.

Appearances Edit

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