"Jor-El! By the authority of General Zod, surrender the Codex."
Sword of Rao soldier[src]

A Growth Codex, also called Kryptonian Citizen Registry Growth Codex (more often referred to as just a Codex) was a Kryptonian skull containing the genetic information of every individual in the Kryptonian race. It holds the genetic attributes of all artificially incubated infants before their inception. it is currently hosted within the body of Kal-El, one of the last surviving Kryptonians.


The Growth Codex is presumed to have belonged to an ancient Kryptonian ancestor, whom modern Kryptonians share an almost identical genetic makeup to. Kryptonian society developed the technology to read and later "implement" the genetic code of the skull to early conceived fetus models so as to establish artificial population control, making citizens to carefully fit a predetermined role in society set to them since before their birth. While there is no certainty, it may have possibly caused a great deal of controversy during its early implementation.

During the expansion age, with a massive terraforming project underway to spread the Kryptonian race throughout the galaxy, Genesis Chambers were created for scout ships so they could carry embryos to new worlds meant to be populated.

Just before Krypton's destruction General Zod began a coup d'état to overthrow the Law Council with the radical Sword of Rao movement, with the intention of bringing order to their society. Zod wanted to seize Kandor's main Growth Codex. His thought was purging any personally deemed 'weak bloodlines' would cause a more meaningful effect to the planet's current state of management. Military scientist Jor-El immediately opposed his ideology and after escaping arrest, stole the main Codex to bond its genetic information with his newborn son's individual cells, his son that would be sent to a distant habitable planet so as to preserve Krypton's people. Zod's revolution was quickly ended and he along with all of his compatriots were sentenced to three hundred cycles of somatic reconditioning to the Phantom Zone for crimes against the state, and the murder of several government officers including Jor-El, Ro-Zar, and others.

After the planet's destruction, the Sword of Rao members were liberated. They tirelessly journeyed through space in search of survivors before receiving a distress signal from a scout ship located on Earth, inadvertently activated by Kal-El on Earth. Zod attempted to terraform the Earth but was ultimately defeated and killed by Kal-El. Though the means to recreate the species is lost, hope remains. 

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Though never stated, the Codex and its capabilities resemble the bottled city of Kandor from the comics as both are used as a means to not only bring deceased Kryptonians back from death but also help create a new Krypton.

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