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"Ain't nobody tell me no. Except my old lady."
El Diablo[src]

Grace Santana was the wife of Chato Santana.


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El Diablo holds a lifeless Grace while crying

Grace married Chato Santana and had a son and daughter with him. Eventually, Chato used his pyrokinetic skills to his advantage and became a crook, becoming known as "El Diablo" on the streets. Upon Grace discovering his criminal activities by finding a stash of money and a pair of pistols, the two had an argument, with Grace threatening to take their children away to her mother's. El Diablo lost his temper, which led to him having a hard time controlling his pyrokinesis. This resulted in an enraged El Diablo setting their house ablaze, unwillingly killing both Grace and the daughter but the son escaped the fire. A devastated, remorseful El Diablo handed himself over to police custody voluntarily.[1]




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