"As far as I can tell, the cops are actually helping him."
Clark Kent to Perry White on the GCPD's relationship with Batman.[src]

The Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) are the upholders law and order in Gotham City, lead by Commissioner Gordon.


Gotham City Police Department

For many years, the Gotham City Police Department (GCPD) has protected and served the people of Gotham City, New Jersey. In addition to that, overtime the police have openly embraced their affiliation with the Batman. Despite Batman being a known fearsome vigilante who practices extreme violence against criminals, the police apparently consider him a trusted ally, and Commissioner Gordon notably uses the Bat-Signal to call upon him.

In 2015, while two GCPD officers stumbled across Asian victims of human trafficking, the inexperienced officer encountered Batman for the first time and shot wildly at him, nearly killing his fellow officer. He is promptly admonished by his fellow officer, who tells him to "try not to shoot the good guys", which indicates at least some of the GCPD regard Batman as a true hero, not bothered by the fact he battered and branded Cesar Santos.[1]

When Santos is eventually murdered in prison due to the brand (revealed to be thanks to Anatoli Knyazev acting on behalf of Lex Luthor's orchestrations), a prominent reporter from the Daily Planet, Clark Kent, stops by the GCPD to get answers, only to be essentially stonewalled by a police officer, who claims to not be allowed to give him pertinent information. As Clark noticed cartoon artwork of a coward criminal before a GCPD officer using the Bat-Signal as a weapon against him, only one GCPD officer is willing to indicate Santos girlfriend Adriana and child to the reporter without saying a word. When Clark speaks with her, Adriana tells him that Santos was a vile criminal, but also a father and that the "Bat brand of justice" is essentially a death sentence in prison everywhere. She also tells Clark how unfair it is that local police endorse one man who decides who lives and who dies unchecked by the law, and that Clark's pen won't defeat a man like that, only violence will.

Adriana' testimony and other events build up to the epic duel between Batman and Superman in the former, abandoned GCPD headquarters that still had a functioning Bat-Signal. Batman and Superman would team up before the former managed to kill the latter (with a Kryptonite spear), partially thanks to Lois Lane, who had arrived just in time to help the battling superheroes piece together the fact they were both being manipulated into battling by the devious supervillain Lex Luthor.

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