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Petty Officer Gomez is an officer of the United States Air Force and Navy SEAL who assisted Rick Flag and Task Force X on their mission to kill the Enchantress and Incubus in Midway City. He was killed in action during the battle protecting Edwards along with the other SEALs.


Final confrontation

Gomez appeared along with Edwards where he and a group of Navy SEALS arrived to assist Task Force X in their final confrontation with the Enchantress. Gomez was a part of Alpha Squad. He managed to survive most of the battle even after most of the SEALS were killed.

The SEALs including him went underwater when they were going to set a bomb to kill Incubus . He along with the SEALs were killed under water by Enchantress' soldiers when escorting Edwards to set a bomb. His death was not in vain as Edwards seemingly died and successfully killed Incubus.


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