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The "Glasshouse"[1] is an ultra-modern house located on a lake. Bruce Wayne resides there, rather than his family's Wayne Manor. It is situated directly above the Batcave beneath the lake.



After the Wayne Manor fell into disarray and neglect, Bruce Wayne designed the Glasshouse as his private residence, located beside a lake and directly underneath the Batcave, which could be accessed via elevator. Alfred Pennyworth also resided at the Glasshouse, serving as Bruce's butler and confidant.

The White PortugueseEdit

After discovering that Anatoli Knyazev is working for Lex Luthor, Bruce strategizes with Alfred in the Glasshouse and expresses his interest to infiltrate Lex's villa in Metropolis as Batman to gather information on the White Portuguese. However, Alfred notes that it would be unnecessary as Bruce Wayne has been formally invited to a fundraiser event. Later, dressed in formal wear, he drives his vintage car from the garage to the fundraiser, passing by Wayne Manor.

Aftermath of Capitol BombingEdit

As Alfred returns to the Glasshouse from chopping firewood, he discovers a pile of Wallace Keefe's returned severance payments, unaware that they were forged with hateful words by Lex Luthor. He watches TV and learns about the US Capitol bombing. Distraught, Alfred stands on the porch and reflects on the psychological effects on Bruce Wayne in regards to Superman.


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