"Field Trip" is the second chapter in the General Mills Presents Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice series, acting as a prequel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


At Wayne Enterprises' R&D Facility in Metropolis, a group of Metropolis Middle School students are being shown a guided tour around the building, witnessing experiments with bulletproof military armor, medical innovations, Kryptonian energy rifles recovered from the Battle of Metropolis. Bored and frustrated by the tour, Zoe decides to sneak off from the group and wander into the restricted areas to learn more about Wayne Enterprises' secrets. Sneaking in, she spots a group of criminals using Kryptonian energy rifles and battle armor to break in and steal all of their Kryptonian technology. Zoe tries to call 911, but a Kryptonian signal jammer blocks her cellphone signal. Suddenly, Zoe is grabbed by Bruce Wayne who followed her and tells her to return to the group. Bruce promises he will get the proper authority to deal with the criminals, but they are caught by them. The group apprehends them, taking Bruce Wayne and Zoe hostage, where they accidentally break the signal jammer. Bruce chastises them for abusing undeserved power and causing harm to others as they are about to escape. Suddenly, Superman shows up and demands they give up their Kryptonian technology. Due to their Kryptonian nature, their weapons manage to seriously injure Superman. Bruce manages to incapacitate one of his captors and uses the loud sound of a fire alarm to distract the criminals, allowing Superman to take down the criminals non-lethally. Superman apprehends them and delivers them to the Metropolis Police Department, but not before confiscating their Kryptonian armor and weapons. Meanwhile, Bruce expresses his admiration for Zoe's curiosity and determination and offers to cover for her by claiming that he was giving her a private tour of Wayne Enterprises.






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