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The Eyes of the Adversary[1] were normal human beings who were transformed into gray monstrous metahumans (strong enough to overpower and defeat US military soldiers) by the extremely powerful Enchantress and her brother Incubus, to serve them as minions.


  • Enhanced Strength: The Eyes of the Adversary are very strong (at least on par with Batman), to the point where they can make great leaps, scale walls and even quickly overpower and defeat the US military in battle with relative ease. However, they are notably not as strong as Enchantress or Killer Croc.
  • Enhanced Durability: The Eyes of the Adversary have a degree of superhuman durability (at least on par with Batman), to the point where Amanda Waller says that they "can take a headshot and still fight", though multiple gun wounds will bring them down, as demonstrated in their battled with the Suicide Squad.

During their time serving as Enchantress's army, the Eyes of the Adversary acquired weapons to fight the military, including guns (which they presumably used to shoot down the helicopter that the Suicide Squad used to arrive in Midway City), knives, sledgehammers, axes, ect.


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