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Dev-Em was an ancient Kryptonian and a member of Krypton's terraforming project.


Dev-Em was born on the distant planet Krypton and joined Krypton's terraforming project. Whilst on the deadly physical test that would determine the best candidates to go on to space colonization missions. Dev-Em attempted to get an advantage over the other candidates, killed his main competition, Kell-Ur, who happened to be the boyfriend of Kara Zor-El. Upon witnessing his death, Kara beats Dev-Em in combat and subdues him. He is put on trial in front of the ruling council for Krypton's first murder in centuries. They decide against the death sentence, not wanting to be "barbaric" like the Thanagarians.

Dev-Em is spared and escapes prison. He stows away on one of the Kryptonian Fleets Scout Ships which has Kara Zor-El aboard. While all the crew are in cryosleep, Dev-Em awakes them to access the food before killing them afterwards and changing course for Earth. Kara awakens and battles Dev-Em and as they approach Earth, gain incredible strength and powers which course the ship to crash on Ellesmere Island, Canada.


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Dev-Em Man of Steel

Dev-Em II in Man of Steel

  • An original character named Dev-Em appeared in Man of Steel as one of the soldiers loyal to General Zod and his Sword of Rao movement. He also belongs to the same House of Em.

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