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"For the Unity! For Darkseid!"
Apokoliptian warcry[src]

Darkseid is an ancient and terrifyingly powerful extraterrestrial New God of Apokolips, the unchallenged supreme leader of a vast army of Parademons, and superior of Steppenwolf.[1]



Darkseid was born many millennia ago on the distant planet Apokolips, eventually becoming supreme leader of the vast Parademon army, and at some point making Steppenwolf his herald and second-in-command.[1]

First Invasion of Earth

5 millennia before the Battle of Metropolis, Darkseid ordered Steppenwolf to conquer Earth, but the latter's army was successfully fought off by the combined efforts of the Amazons, Atlanteans and Humans, losing three of the Mother Boxes in the process, and forcing Steppenwolf to retreat into exile. Each of the three factions of the army that saved the Earth would take one Mother Box and hid them for safekeeping.

Communion of Earth

Shortly after human Lex Luthor made contact with Steppenwolf and learned of the three Mother Boxes,[2] Darkseid ordered his uncle to journey to Earth, to search for and retrieve the Mother Boxes, bringing with him a vast army of Parademons.

Powers and Abilities

  • New God Physiology: As a New God, Darkseid is a terrifyingly powerful divine being, commanding the Parademon army of Apokolips unchallenged, and instilling a fearfulness in Steppenwolf to not disobey his orders.[3]
    • Longevity: It is unknown whether Darkseid is either extremely long lived or immortal and immune to aging all-together - however, Darkseid is still alive in the 21st century, despite being over 30 millennia old.
    • Super Strength: New Gods are physically strong, can be on par wth Kryptonians, Old Gods or Lanterns.

  • Expert Leader: Darkseid, due to having many millennia of experience ruling over Apokolips, is an extremely skilled leader, able to command his herald Steppenwolf and the vast Parademon army unchallenged, inspiring fierce loyalty in them.

To be added

  • Mother Boxes (Formerly): Darkseid originally owned 3 Apokoliptan Mother Boxes, though they would be lost in Steppenwolf's first invasion of Earth. They would be given to the Amazon, Atlantean and human factions of the massive army that drove Steppenwolf's first invasion away. 30 millennia later, Darkseid sends Steppenwolf to Earth once more, to recover them all.






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