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"Organic and biomechatronic body parts - he's a cyborg."
Wonder Woman, about Cyborg[src]

Victor Stone is a former college athlete and football star. Following a horrible accident, his father Silas Stone, was able to save him via the use of a Mother Box that crafted cybernetics onto him. Victor then became known as the superhero Cyborg.

He would eventually be recruited by Batman and Wonder Woman to become a member of the Justice League, in order to help defend Earth against the imminent alien invasion of Steppenwolf and his Parademon army.


Victor Stone before his accident

Victor Stone prior to his accident.

Early Life

Victor Stone was born on June 29, 1994 in Gotham City, New Jersey, to a pair of scientists for S.T.A.R. Labs, with his father being Silas Stone.[1] While growing up, he often heard rumors about the vigilante known as Batman, but never actually believed them.[2] Victor Stone was an athlete and attended Gotham City University, however, his career was cut short when he was involved in a nearly fatal accident.[3]

Cybernetic Transformation

Victor Stone after the accident

Victor Stone after his accident.

Reduced to nothing more than a torso, head and half of his arms, Victor was kept alive by his father, who attempted every kind of medical procedure to help heal him. Eventually, Silas was desperate enough to try using a government sanctioned cube-shaped piece of alien technology in a final attempt to save his son's life.

The foreign technology self-activated and levitated over Victor, where it to began crafting cybernetic body parts to replace his lost body parts (while similtaneously granting him knowledge it held). Although this saved Victor's life, it was undoubtedly very painful, as Victor was seen screaming out in pain.

Footage of this transformation would be obtained from the S.T.A.R. Labs database by Lex Luthor shortly thereafter.[1]

Justice League

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Justice League 2

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"The ride ain't over yet."
"My man!
―Cyborg and Aquaman[src]

Following his tragic accident and cybernetic transformation, Victor is no longer a football enthusiast and has somewhat of a serious demeanor, as he is annoyed by his humorous Justice League teammate Flash.[4] He can also be quite blunt and stiff, pointing out to a person that the latter should have moved out of the path of the tank flying right at him.[2] After fighting alongside the League for some time, however, Cyborg seems to have warmed a bit to his teammates, as he notably reassures Aquaman that "the ride ain't over yet", before helping the latter fight a group of Parademons.

Powers and Abilities

"Organic and biomechatronic body parts - he's a cyborg."
Wonder Woman[src]

  • Cybernetic Physiology: After managing to survive a horrible accident and becoming a cybernetic organism with the help of S.T.A.R. Labs technology and an Apokoliptan Mother Box, Victor Stone has gained various superhuman powers.
    • Super Strength:
      Cyborg stops a tank

      Cyborg stops a tank.

      Stone's armored cybernetic body grants him considerable superhuman strength, making him the fourth strongest member of the Justice League (after Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman). Hence, Cyborg was able to stop and knock back a flying tank mid-air,[2], smash right through the Nightcrawler's roof, as well as catch and hurl Aquaman 30 feet through the air, towards some airborne Parademons[3].
    • Super Stamina: Cyborg has incredible stamina, with him never tiring or needing to sleep.[3]
    • Super Durability: Cyborg's cybernetic body is extremely durable, capable of withstanding immense blunt force trauma, as well as flight at extremely high altitudes.[2]
      • Self-Repair: Victor Stone, due to the Mother Box healing him, is capable of repairing his biomechatronic and regenerating his organic body parts in the event that they become damaged. Thus, he notably managed to heal his body and regrow lost organic body parts with biomechatronic parts after his horrible accident, thus becoming a cybernetic organism.
"Don't worry Alfred, I'll take it from here"
―Cyborg as he interfaced with the Nightcrawler[src]
    • Technopathy: Cyborg, due to him being a cyberneticly enhanced organism, is able to connect and interface seamlessly with anything technological, notably doing so with the Nightcrawler.[3]
      • Constant Internet Access: Cyborg, as a technopath, is constantly plugged into the Internet, taking in vast amounts of data.[3]
      • Holographic Projection:

        Cyborg, projecting holograms.

        Cyborg can make holographic projections of data that discovers on the Internet.
    • Shape-Shifting: Victor can rapidly reshape parts of his body into various weapons and technological equipment at will.[2]
      • Face Armor:
        Cyborg fully covers his face

        Cyborg shields his face mid-flight.

        Victor can cover up the exposed organic portion of his face with durable layer of biomechatronic shielding.[2]
      • Plasma Canon: Cyborg can swiftly alter the shape of his left arm into a canon, which generates powerful concussive blasts of blue-hot plasma. These blasts are powerful and hot enough to instantly disintegrate a huge piece of falling debris mid-air.[2]
    • Flight: Cyborg can achieve sustained flight, via thrusters located along his body.[2]

  • Expert Athlete:
    Cyborg 3

    Victor, playing football.

    Victor Stone had originally been a highly skilled college athlete and football star before his horrible accident.
  • Genius-level Intellect: Victor Stone, due to his cybernetic mind absorbing vast amounts of data (from being constantly plugged into the Internet), is extremely intelligent, though not quite on par with Batman.
  • Stealth: Cyborg, while not on par with Batman, is exceptionally stealthy, as he, along with Batman and Wonder Woman, were able to swiftly slip away when Commissioner Gordon turned away for a moment, and even Flash was left incredulous at how he didn't notice his teammates leave, despite having superhuman reflexes and standing right beside them.

  • Humanity Maintenance: Cyborg's greatest weakness is him being forced to desperately try not to succumb to the technology around him on a regular basis, and maintain his humanity.[3]
  • Organic Body Parts: Cyborg's remaining organic body parts, namely the right side of his face, are exposed and more vulnerable to harm than his remaining biomechatronic body. However, Cyborg can very effectively compensate for this by covering up the exposed organic portion of his face with durable layer of biomechatronic shielding.[2]
  • Beings of Greater Power: Cyborg, when fighting beings of equal or greater superhuman might, like his his stronger teammates Superman, Aquaman, Flash, or Wonder Woman, is more vulnerable, as they can generate enough force to knock out, injure and even kill Cyborg, bypassing his biomechatronic body's durability.
  • Insecurity: Cyborg's greatest psychological weakness is that despite his incredible technopathic powers, he is insecure and has low-self esteem, which stem from his unwilling and painful transformation into a cybernetic organism, and him subsequently feeling like a freak about himself.

  • Mother Box: Cyborg's main piece of equipment is an Apokoliptan Mother Box (one of the three ancient ones left behind after Steppenwolf's first invasion), which healed his damaged living body, making Victor Stone a cybernetic organism with various technology-based superpowers.






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  • His origin portrayed in the 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is heavily inspired by the character's arc in Geoff Johns' Justice League run during The New 52.
  • This is the second live-action portrayal of Cyborg. The first was by Lee Thompson Young on The CW's Smallville series.
    • However, this is the first time he's appeared on the silver screen.
  • This is the first incarnation of Cyborg to not appear with his iconic silver and blue color palette.


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