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Charlie was an ally of Diana and Steve Trevor during World War I.


Early life

Charlie was born in Scotland, United Kingdom, and actively participated in World War I as a sniper, but ended up going though some horrific ordeals which gave him long-lasting PTSD.

Wonder Woman

Steve recruits Charlie at the Hangman's Arms in London for a mission to the Western Front of World War I for his sharp shooting skills. While sleeping on the way to their destination, Charlie wakes up from a nightmare. Chief says that Charlie "sees ghosts", a reference to shell shock. Later, when Charlie is needed to remove a German shooter from the top of a Belgian chapel, he is unable to fulfill his duties.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

A photograph taken in Belgium in 1918 including Charlie is eventually discovered by Lex Luthor, who compiles into his footage of all the other metahumans.


Charlie, due to having gone through some horrific ordeals in World War I, gained long-lasting PTSD, and depression, to the point of having a penchant of getting drunk and engaging in bar brawls.

However, seeing Wonder Woman's compassion and unbreakable spirit in action renews Charlie's hope, boosting his morale and energizing him past the point of purely monetary interests, to the point that Charlie sings and plays the piano for the first time in years after the battle. While still having somewhat low self-esteem and being skeptical of Wonder Woman's story of Ares, he promptly continues on with the Wonder Men upon her encouragement.


  • Skilled marksman: Charlie is a fairly skilled sniper, though his PTSD makes his somewhat less effective.
  • Expert musician: Charlie, despite having not practiced in years, is a highly skilled pianist, able to play even while simultaneously singing.
  • Talented singer: Charlie, despite having not performed in years, is a capable singer, managing to sing even while simultaneously playing the piano. Indeed, Wonder Woman claimed that Charlie's singing skills made him a valuable member of the Wonder Men.

  • PTSD: Charlie's greatest weakness is his PTSD (due to him having seen horrific things in World War I), which leads to him having occasional nightmares and low self-esteem, though Wonder Woman's encouragement helps somewhat boost his confidence.
  • Human vulnerabilities: Charlie's other great weakness is that he is a human with no enhanced strength, speed, durability, or metahuman powers, therefore making him quite vulnerable to the physical attacks of stronger and more powerful opponents, hence he knew better than to directly engage Ares (after seeing Wonder Woman battle the mighty Olympian God), and instead helped Steve Trevor sabotage the German plane carrying Dr. Poison's gas.

  • Lee-Enfield .303 Rifle: Charlie used a scoped .303 Lee Enfield Rifle.





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