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A Boom Tube is an extra-dimensional point-to-point cylindrical travel portal opened by a Mother Box, and which is used primarily by the New Gods of Apokolips. The moniker derives from the loud erupting noise when a tube is created.


First Invasion of EarthEdit

In around 28,000 BCE, Steppenwolf generated Boom Tubes with his 3 Mother Boxes, in order to transport himself and his Parademon forces to Earth and conquer the planet in the name of Apokolips. However, when the combined might of Amazonnian, Atlantean, and human armies were able to drive him off, Steppenwolf was forced to retreat, again through a Boom Tube.

Second Invasion of EarthEdit

30 millennia later, Steppenwolf and his forces finally returned to Earth to finally conquer the planet, with Steppenwolf himself emerging from a Boom Tube generated from the Mother Box on Themyscira.

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