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David Kane, also known as Black Manta, is a mercenary[1] who came into conflict with Aquaman.


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Powers and abilities

David Kane does not possess any innate powers. Instead, he uses Atlantean technology supplied by Ocean Master to provide him with superhuman strength, endurance, durability, and a variety of weapons.

Support Powers

  • Superhuman durability: Manta's suit grants him superhuman levels of durability, allowing him to function in depths usually unexplorable by other humans.
Black Manta firing optical blasts

Black Manta using his helmet's optical lasers.

  • Optical lasers: The helmet of Black Manta's suit is able of firing thick beams of energy from its eyes.


Black Manta

Kane wearing his Black Manta suit.

  • Black Manta suit: David Kane, with the help of Ocean Master, created a specialized armored suit that allows him to operate underwater.[1] The suit is outfitted with Atlantean technology, giving it energy projection abilities as well as facilitating use against pressures faced in deeper environments. The suit possesses a distinctive manta-shaped helmet with two large eyes that allow for powerful optic blasts capable of injuring Atlanteans and is connected to an oxygen system that allows him to breathe underwater indefinitely. The suit also has a rocket jet pack system that allows him to fly and a blade within a forearm.






  • In the comics, David Hyde was a mercenary whose father was killed by Aquaman. Swearing revenge, Hyde created a specialized suit that allowed him to survive underwater to combat his foe. David Hyde was later revealed to be the father of Jackson Hyde, the Titan known as Aqualad.


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