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Atlantis is the name of a lost kingdom located deep underwater somehwere in the Atlantic Ocean, where an ancient, isolated, and highly advanced Atlantean culture survives.


First Invasion of Earth

"We should've died. But we formed our own Unity: Amazons, Atlanteans, all the tribes of Man fought side by side. Warriors of legend, allies from other worlds, even the gods themselves, all acted as one, laying down their lives to fight Steppenwolf"
During the First Invasion of Earth, the armies of Atlantis sided with the Amazons and the tribed os Mankind to fight off Steppenwolf's army and prevent the destruction of earth from the Apokoliptian conqueror. Aided by the Olympians and an unidentified Green Lantern, the armies of Earth fought off the invaders, though many lost their lives.

However, the forces of Earth were successful in driving away the invasion, driving Steppenwolf mad in the process from his first defeat. Afterwards, the Mother Boxes retrieved from the Apokoliptians were given to the armies of Earth for safeguarding, awaiting the eventual return of the invaders.

War with the Amazons

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The Fall of Atlantis

Thousands of years before present the Atlantean civilization would sink from the surface world, and their people would evolve to survive beneath the surface of the oceans.[1][2]

Second Invasion of Earth

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