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An Atlantean trident is wielded by Aquaman, used as an incredibly powerful weapon against enemies.


Monitored by Lex Luthor

Aquaman on a LexCorp recording

Aquaman taking out a U.S. underwater drone with his trident.

After being discovered in a sunken wreckage by the NSA's UUV drones, Arthur Curry used the trident to destroy one.[1]

Justice League

Arthur asks Mera to give him the Trident and the Royal Armor, in order for him to confront Steppenwolf and his minions. After the League battles Steppenwolf, the New God manages to breaks the walls beneath Gotham's Harbor, unleashing its waters onto the team of heroes, who had little time to react. At the last second Aquaman arrives, using the Trident's power to hold the massive water wave giving enough time for the team to retreat to safety.

Alongside the Justice League, Aquaman uses his Trident to stab and kill many Parademons and also in the final fight against Steppenwolf.

Some time after Steppenwolf's defeat, Aquaman is seen returning to Atlantis, however, he did not have the trident with him.


  • The trident, despite its title, has 5 prongs instead of 3.
  • The trident is approximately 7 feet tall, with Aquaman actor Jason Momoa being slated as 6'4".
  • The design of the trident is based on the Trident of Neptune.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Aquaman's trident has possessed numerous magical capabilities, effectively serving as a magical conduit to produce a variety of effects.
    • As such, in the New 52 comic storyline Throne of Atlantis, it's stated that only Atlantean royalty can hold the trident due to an enchantment placed upon it.
  • There exists two tridents that Aquaman has used in DC Comics, the Trident of Poseidon and the Trident of Neptune.


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