General Amajagh is an African terrorist warlord from Nairomi. He was ultimately used as a pawn when Lex Luthor successfully orchestrated an international incident with Superman.


General Amajaph and his entourage, including Anatoli Knyazev, were visited by reporter Lois Lane and photographer Jimmy Olsen from the Daily Planet. Lane interviewed Amajagh for a bit, but Jimmy was exposed as a CIA operative, blowing his cover. Olsen nonetheless tried to negotiate with Amajagh but the general took a gun from one of his men and shot Jimmy point blank in the head, brutally killing him in front of Lois. Shortly after, Amajagh interrogated Lois and came to the conclusion she may have been ignorant but not completely innocent in regards to CIA involvement. Before he could harm her, Superman showed up. While Lois was clutching the general's arm, Amajagh threatened to shoot Lane in the head if he advanced any further. After exchanging looks with Clark, Lois let go of the general's arm and Superman flew at Amajagh faster than a speeding bullet, sending the two of them through several walls.[1]





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