The Ace Chemicals plant is a chemical manufacturing facility in the heart of Gotham City's industrial district.


Some time in the past, an unknown man fell into a vat of chemical solutions in Ace Chemicals, resurfacing transformed into the Joker.[1]


Joker dives into Ace Chemicals vat after Dr. Quinzel

When Dr. Harleen Quinzel helped the Joker break out of Arkham Asylum, the Joker kidnapped Quinzel and brought her to Ace Chemicals. There, he asked her to test her devotion to him by preforming a trust fall into a vat of chemical solution below. She did so and was soon followed by the Joker who likewise dived in to retrieve her. The Joker pulled Quinzel to the surface, where it was revealed that her skin had been bleached, much like that of the Joker's, and the two kissed.


Joker with Harley after her rebirth at Ace Chemicals

Behind the scenes

  • The Ace Chemical Processing Plant appears in the DC Comics universe and is noted as birthplace of the character known as the Joker.


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